The "SpieleWahnsinn" proceeds!
SpieleWahnsinn 2012
18th to 20th of May 2012

From the 18th until the 20th of May 2012 the Kulturzentrum Herne transforms into a gaming world for all boardgamers! Over 5.000 visitors come to Herne for this event.

Events during the SpieleWahnsinn 2012:

Finals of the German boardgame Championships for teams. We expect 
144 players in 36 teams from all over Germany to come to Herne to find out who is best.

Other qualification tournaments, like the German Catan, Dominion and Carcassonne Championships, which are as well played all over Germany eventually will take place at the Spielewahnsinn in Herne.

Once again, all the smaller and bigger publishers of boardgames will be present and show the Nuremberg Toyfair novelties to the public. A lot of authors and Clubs will show their work in Herne as well.

SpieleWahnsinn 2012: 18.05. - 20.05.12
SpieleWahnsinn 2013: 24.05. - 26.05.13
SpieleWahnsinn 2014: 16.05. - 18.05.14
SpieleWahnsinn 2015: 08.05. - 10.05.15

Place of event: Organizer:
Kulturzentrum / Tagungsform
Willi Pohlmann Platz 1
44623 Herne
Staedt.  Spielezentrum
Jean-Vogel-Str. 17
44625 Herne
Tel: 049 2323 /460 418
Fax: 049 2323 / 490 908

Further information can be obtained from the 
german version of this website. 
Your Spielezentrum-Team

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